Lakrits (matte finish)

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My 'Sunrise Plate' is a lunch plate or cake plate that is hand-casted in stoneware.

18 cm diameter & 2,8 cm tall

Kasper Binzer has painted on this plate. A part of the series 'Snapparp'. 

The hen 'Lakrits' is one of the hens I have at my place here in Snapparp that when Kasper is visiting, he can sit a whole day observing her and drawing her. She is a lovely hen who has been feeding us with eggs for many years now.

The name 'Lakrits' is licorice in Swedish. She has feathers that looks like she's one big feathery licorice!

The plate can go into the dishwasher, freezer and microwave.

The color may vary from the picture as each item is unique and handmade.

300.00 kr