Wine Cup #34 - Dark Blue inside

My Wine Cup is developed specially for drinking and enjoying wine in.

It is wheel thrown stoneware and is dishwasher proof.

The cup has a steeper curve inside in the bottom so that the wine gets a good swirl and has ben glazed in a very glossy glaze.

In addition, it is good for blind tastings, as you cannot see the color of the wine.
It stimulates the taste buds and the brain in a completely different way than when you can see the color of the wine.

Every cup is completely unique and therefore there is only one of each.
Perhaps this also makes it easier to keep track of which cup was yours? :)

The wine cup holds approx. 200 ml and is approx. 9 cm high and 6-9 cm diameter.

The glaze has a glossy finish.

280.00 kr