Winter Warm 2

As the other pieces in my seasonal series this one is also unique.

In my 'Winter Warm' serie I focus on cups and coffee/tea pitchers and number 2 has quite a story behind!...

Last year I got a huge challenge to make coffee pitchers for restaurant Noma in Copenhagen. I love challenges, so of course I said yes! I made 30 in this design, but they turned out a bit too rustic for them so I ended up doing 30 in a different design.
This is the last of the 30 "rejected" ones. It has the name noma in the bottom and now you know why!

It's handbuild in stoneware and holds 500 ml. The lid is build so you can lock it into place that makes it safe to pour from without the lid falling out.

12 cm tall & 12-20 cm diameter.

600.00 kr
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