Workshop - 1 hour, 2 persons

Note. I don't do workshops during November or December. These are the busiest months for me during the year.

Are you interested in playing around with some clay?? Come get your hands dirty!

Included in the price : Clay, Glaze and 2 firings (bisque firing and glaze firing) + shipping up to 2 kilo.

It takes time to get to know the wheel so I recommend you to buy 2 hours if your are beginner. If you just want a little sneak peak and wheel throw a small piece, 1 hour is enough.

I have room for 2 persons at the time, this means I will have good time to give you my guidance.

I will finish your pieces with glazes that you choose before you leave and ship them to you (you pay the remaining amount of shipping-costs if it weighs more than 2 kilos).

Once you have purchased your workshop, i'll be in touch on your e-mail to book in the workshop. I'm very flexible, so it could be early morning or late evening if you have a hard time fitting in some clay mindfulness!

Hope to see you!

Ps. If you want to give a workshop to a friend just send me an e-mail and we'll work it out!

1,400.00 kr
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