Besides my webshop and shop here in Österlen you can find a selection of my ceramics here:

In Saxogade, Vesterbro, Copenhagen, you can find this amazing shop filled with beautiful sutainable items and you are shopping for a good cause in there! 


In Gängtappan, stora varvsgatan 11 in Malmö, this lunch restaurant saves food, literally, and turns it into a delicious meal. In here you can also find some of my ceramics for sale.


In Bækkemosevej 14, Klippinge in Dk this gem of a B&B is hiding. They also have an eye for beautiful things that you can purchase and take with you home, here amongst some of my ceramics.


On the adress, Munken 5 in Svaneke on Bornholm you can find my ceramics in my mom's little boutique (called 'pas paa knolden') in the basement (acces from the street). You can also see (and purchase) a selection of my talented brothers illustations (Kasper Binzer) and a lot of recycled clothings and things.